HEALTHCARE TEXTILE CARE SOLUTIONS specializes in cleaning and sanitizing cubicle curtains and other fabric items for healthcare facilities. Our process, using BioGuard/BacStopTM, eliminates infectious bacteria and leaves fabric 99.9% bacteriostatic and self-sanitizing for 90 days.

Cubicle curtains are the largest textile in patient care areas and are rarely or NEVER sanitized. In today’s healthcare environment, infectious bacteria cling to cubicle curtains and other fabric items. The repeated opening and closing of cubicle curtains and the handling of other fabric items contaminates the hands of healthcare staff and spreads these infectious bacteria. This endangers the health of staff, patients, and visitors.

 Please allow us to be of service to your healthcare facility. Just complete our contact form for further information and a no-risk assessment of your textile cleaning needs. 

 We look forward to working with you!

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